buckwheat BREAD


Bread is an essential component of the human diet daily. The amount of bread eaten are in the forefront. Annually, an average Pole eats approx. 100 kg of bread. To meet the needs of the market, the company decided to join the Goliard its product range and light crunchy bread. Light Bread: Buckwheat, Rye, Graham Corn. These breads are made from the highest quality natural ingredients from whole grain rye, wheat, buckwheat and corn porridge without unnecessary additives and preservatives flavors.

  • Weight: 80 gIlość carton: 28
  • LOSC cartons per layer 8
  • Number of cartons on a pallet: 56
  • Number of pieces on a pallet: 1680
  • PCGS:
  • VAT rate: 5%
  • Packaging EAN: 5900252000924
  • For packaging EAN: 5900252001198
  • The warranty period: 330

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